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builtins - functions for logging
ombcd - binary coded decimal (BCD) support
ombessel - Bessel functions
omcgi (test version) - CGI testing
omcgi - CGI programming support
omdate - date and time functions
omdb - high level database access
omdbext - extended high level database support
omefio - UTF-8 file I/O
omenc64 - base64 encoding and decoding
omfloat - floating point number support
omfsys - file system utilities
omftp - FTP support
omhttp - HTTP support
omioe - I/O exception support
omioprot - I/O data packetizing
omldap - LDAP support
ommail - email support (SMTP and POP3)
omnetutl - miscellaneous network utilities
omoci - Oracle Call Interface database support
omodbc - low-level ODBC support
omtcp - TCP/IP client and server support
omtrig - trigonometry
omutil - miscellaneous system utilities
omvfile - virtual file access and locking
utf8pat - UTF-8 text processing

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